Mankind and the Planet

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Mankind and the Planet, past, present and future Philosophical Speculations

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Another necessary cosmological concept is Anticipation. It is found, albeit in a questionable form, in Platonism, purpose-and-meaning problematics and evolutionism. In the ontological scheme, the stage in the world process when it is appropriate to speak of anticipation, it stands, as it were, between the domain of timelessness and that of ordinary time. Anticipation is the phase of origination, the 'starting' of the world process, where 'start' is the stage where we are first entitled to speak of motion. The concept of the 'prime mover' has a core of truth, that is if it is freed from associated crudities and coupled with 'prime' matter, 'prime' mind etc. Thus, 'primarily moving' is an anticipated possibility. 


The two concepts of the Divine, then, are 1. the empirical and 2. the cosmic and ultimate, the world-internal and also world-comprising and surpassing. The first is gained from the phenomenon of life, predominantly of mankind – here, again, primarily localised in a specific development: the originating of  organic mankind as a whole from the 'living matter' of mankind-material (the present phase). The second is gained from the ultimate thinkability of reality. It defines God as the ontological environment of the world and the concept or idea of God as the fundamental condition of coherent thought.